safe european cars

by older men

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recorded entirely live in the cube by chris on 13/8/16


released August 29, 2016

brian - drums
chris - guitars, vocals,
dase - bass, vocals,



all rights reserved


older men Melbourne, Australia

Brian, Chris, and Dase. Band photo by Brian O'Dwyer

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Track Name: if at first you don't succeed, just give up
I guess we had a handshake agreement but I'd rather call in sick. I guess you smile, but I've never seen it. Still I'd rather call in sick. Your supply exceeds all demands. I'm a coward making small retractions on the way to the seminar. If I'm a self-made man without all the answers it's because the questions aren't even asked. There's disquiet in the target market. There's unrest on the shelves. I will not be appointed. I do not have an appointment. I will not be disappointed.
Track Name: nerd immunity
I hope it makes you feel like shit when you see that cabbage patch kid. If you're only picking out the bad apples, it makes it easier when they aim for the whites of their palms. Keep calm, setlle down, have a cup of tea. The genuine anger of the dispossessed will only ever terrify you and me. We need more room to breathe. Increased immunity. You can pork barrel shirtless oligarchs and puppets. And season your personality with condiments. But I still hope it makes you feel like shit when you have to listen to those back patched kids. And all your best intentions dont exist outside of a time and a place. What's more important than what you're saying is the impression you create. So drink up, and shut up, and keep shouting.
Track Name: jet fuel can't fuck with steel dreams
When I grow up I wanna be a landmark. When I grow up I wanna be a monument to environmental destruction. When I grow up I wanna go where 3,568 people (and counting) have been before. Roll me down the side of the mountain when it's done with me. I wanna be the brightest star against the snow in the whole fucking valley. I wanna feel that jetstream forever in my hair, until the water rises, and we can no longer say it's just because it's there.
Track Name: lynyrd skinhead
Let's talk about the things that brought you here, and the chances you were given, that let people like you and me avoid the worst of the criticism. But still you play to a hometown crowd, waving relics of nationalism and masculinity. You claim the faith of your convictions and cry to the referee. You're a fucking coward. And your friends with fence posts up their arses make me fucking sick. You're rocking for the bosses. You're rocking for the pigs.
Track Name: safe european cars
To some the sound of freedom is drones circling overhead. But for me it's commuting options in all weather. Ignoring dull wits with sharp opinions and the proposition of dog whistle solutions. As we're feeling mighty scared and pissed. What do we pay our taxes for? If nothing feels safe anymore? We know where our safety comes from, we can see it on all sides. If you can't shake the feeling that you might play some part in it. That there might be a reckoning, an uncomfortable question, and a calling in of debts. If nothing feels safe anymore, do you wonder what they hate us for? Because nothing feels safe anymore. Is someone starting to keep a score? We know where our safety comes from. We're willing to pay the price. When they come for us, and no one could say we didn't deserve it, the sound of freedom will be the camera overhead.
Track Name: 21 sided mirror
When they came for him he was hiding in the bathroom with his two youngest children. They got the key from his mother's house, which they'd entered shortly after 9am. They cut the phone lines before breaking down the door and dragging him from his house. But three days later he escaped before they'd even issued their demands. The answers lie rotting in the boots of stolen cars. Where does your money come from? It's easier if you don't try to look all that hard. Our real enemies are more than fox-eyed men. Try to look at who is sharing your bed. One day we will have to answer for this. One day you will need to answer for this.