celebrate life?

by older men

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released January 5, 2016

Brian - drums, vocals
Chris - guitars, vocals, noise
Dase - bass, vocals, noise

all songs written by older men with some help from Morgan.

all lyrics and writing by Dase. Blame him, not the others.

recorded and mixed by Chris. Thanks everyone we share our practice space for letting us do it there.

we would really like to play your show if we could (we do have some babies though). Get in touch at dasebeard@gmail.com



all rights reserved


older men Melbourne, Australia

Brian, Chris, and Dase. Band photo by Brian O'Dwyer

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Track Name: if at first you don't succeed, give up
I guess we had a handshake agreement, but I'd rather call in sick. I guess you smile, but I've never seen it. But the shelves are still emptying quick. And your supply exceeds our demands. I'm a coward, making small retractions on the way to the seminar. If I'm a self-made man without any answers it's because the questions aren't being asked. There's disquiet in the target market. There's unrest on the shelves. I will not be appointed. I do not have an appointment. I will not be disappointed.

A song for all my friends and peers who resist corporatising their art, who see ways to do what they do without climbing up the traditional career ladder, and who use things like independent media and crowdfunding, as well as just creating for it's own sake, as a way of sustainably producing brilliant shit rather than just demanding patronage. You're inspiring.
Track Name: nerd immunity
I hope it makes you feel like shit when you see that cabbage patch kid. If you're only picking out the bad apples, it makes it easier when they aim for the whites of the palms. Keep calm and settle down and have a cup of tea. The genuine anger of the dispossessed will only ever terrify you and me. I need more room to breathe. Increase the immunity. You can pork barrel shirtless oligarchs and puppets. And season your personality with condiments. I still hope it makes you feel like shit when you have to listen to those back patched kids. We need more room to breathe. All your best intentions don't exist outside of a time and place. What's more important? What you're saying? Or is it the impression you create? You can drink up, shut up and keep shouting.

Cupcake fascism: in the bin.
Track Name: weatherman
They're crossing to the weather. I'm coming live from the zoo. These animals are dying, and live to air I'll be dying too. I know what my future holds. Reading isometrics for the answers. I wish they'd take me seriously just this once, you smug fuck, this is no laughing matter. I'm crossing fingers, making lists and loading guns. I'm making plans for a day I know will come. If I can't make you wake up, I can make you afraid of me. My revolution will be broadcast live on facile breakfast tv. In my time as a weatherman son I've seem shit, but what's coming next is like the ultimate fucking punchline. They're crossing to the weather, coming live from your children's future. Street by street, block by block, everything is fucked. This is all your fault.

Impending parenthood is making me even more terrified that it's far too late for what we've done to our world. Even televised murder won't shake us out of this.
Track Name: sorry (not sorry) about the mess
You bought a pile of death and you're framing it like resistance. But you're just skipping hand in hand with hands that punch down, and you're so insistent on defending you and yours? You're really just afraid of minorities and the poor. The target that you paint fades into your skin. Your idea of justice is just childish revenge. But at least you can ask my dad what kind of gun he was given when he was drafted into a war he wanted no part in. But at least you can ask my wife what kind of gun Bryant used when she saw the end result of your dearly held, childish views.

I just don't get guns. I mean I get it when you live in the country andstuff but I don't get the people who think they need a handgun to prevent crime or whatever. All the shit you own is worth killing someone over? Or you're so fucking awesome that if someone shoots up the joint you're going to go all navy seal and take them out? Fuck off. For white well off australians like me and probably you it's just a bullshit macho culture that can get in the bin (there's definitely a greater argument to be made about oppressed minorities and the ways to resist state violence, that I'm too dumb and middle class to have an opinion on). I just can't see why people who have the opportunity to reject that sort of culture don't take it. I can't see why you need to own something designed with the explicit purpose of killing someone else.
Track Name: jet fuel can't fuck with steel dreams
When I grow up I want to be a landmark. When I grow up I want to be a monument to environmental destruction. When I grow up I want to go where three thousand, four hundred and sixty eight people, and counting, have been before. Roll me down the side of the mountain when it's done with me. I want to be the brightest light against the snow in the whole fucking valley. I want to feel that jet stream forever in my hair. Until the water rises and we can no longer say because 'it's there'.

The slopes of mount everest are littered with corpses, many of them of exceedingly privileged people who felt they deserved to reach the summit out of no real sense of anything other than their own entitlement. Nature is cruel, uncaring, and like the man said, will step on you. Maybe that's why we're trying to do our best to kill it off.